When my husband and I decided on public school (which takes real commitment in Dallas) we told ourselves we would spend the tuition we saved on travel. I don’t think Brad thought we would really do it. But he married me, God help him, and seems to have enjoyed coming along for the ride.

My travel plans have landed us in both fabulous places and dullvilles alike. We’ve biked so far in Oregon that 6-year-old Gage wiped out falling asleep. We had the Eiffel Tower elevator to ourselves. We’ve stood on a Glacier.
And, yes, we are still proud of Cole for barfing on the boots of a too-macho Park Ranger who really deserved it. The notes I have kept will do us little good because we’ll keep moving to new places rather than return. They may do you some good, though. I hope they do. Happy wandering.

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  1. It is nice to “meet” you. I look forward to reading more of your family adventures. I know from our family.. that something “blog worthy” always happens. Happy travels and lots of fun always, Cheryl and The Family C

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