Best Ways to View Wildlife in Jackson Hole

Wild Life

After skiing, antlers, and art, it is time to see how the other half — nature — lives in Jackson Hole. Please, skiing or not, take a sleigh ride through The National Elk Refuge if you visit from December to Mid-April.  IMG_7200The elk arrive voluntarily to the refuge in the winter and stay for the alfalfa pellets.  Despite the freedom to come and go, about 5000 animals hang out through the winter, so the refuge makes excellent viewing.   When you visit in winter, the elk are still using their antlers, which they shed in March or April.  Antlers are auctioned by the Jackson District Boy Scouts at Elk Fest on Memorial Weekend.



There are other wildlife viewing options to consider, like an outing with Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris. In the four hours we spent with our guide, we saw buffalo, elk, moose, bighorn sheep, coyotes, bald eagles and a fox.  The trip was worth every nickle.


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