Top Non-Skiing Attractions in Jackson Hole

Not skiing in Jackson Hole?

Valley Bookstore
The Valley Bookstore kept me supplied with books after my ski accident.

Snowmobile, cross-country, or dog sled.  Jackson is full-fledged town
, with shopping, spas and, most importantly The Valley Bookstore.  The Valley Bookstore is no Barnes and Noble.  This independent book store has been on Cache for 45 years, cherry-picking a fantastic selection and packing it into a small space.


You can buy just about anything made with antlers in Jackson, including furniture, lamps, a cribbage board, or just plain antlers, priced by size.  After all those rustic antlers, head to the sophistication of the Diehl Gallery.

Diehl Gallery

Sheila Northgate, A Rolling Stone, Diehl Gallery, Jackson.
Sheila Northgate, A Rolling Stone, Diehl Gallery, Jackson, WY.

We stumbled upon the Diehl Gallery while antler shopping. The understated sensibility of this very urbane gallery in western town surprised us.  The aesthetic here is as current as any large city:  beefy paintings, luscious drawings, fresh takes on sculpture.

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