Skiing with Teens

Ah, teens.  They ski faster than you, take more risks than you, and are wittier than you.  They can also imitate your cadaver-like stiffness on the slopes.  Aren’t you glad to be able to laugh at yourself?

But teens are also fun.  They can stay on the slopes all day.  Now is your chance to take advantage of all that ski culture.  Get on the slopes, get used to hat-head and goggle tan lines, and enjoy skiing with your teenagers.

Use Radios

You okay, Mom?

Nix the, “Sorry, Mom.  I missed your call,” routine. Cell phones don’t work reliably on ski hills.  Get two-way radios and clip them to the outsides of everyone’s jackets.  When you radio your teen, they will hear you like God. Use your cell phones for pictures only.

Get a Condo


Don’t live in a laundry basket.  Hotel rooms are not large enough for long underwear, jackets, helmets, boots, goggles, gloves, hats, etc.

Condos also allow you to have chilled water available, really important on the slopes.  Hydrate like you are at the beach.

Lastly, everyone needs their space, especially teens.

Eat Lunch on the Slopes


Slopeside eating . . . it’s part of the culture.  Bratwursts and Gatorade sound fattening to me — unless I’m skiing.  Then they are perfect.   Eat on the slopes where you can take your hats and goggles off.  It’s also cheap.

Eat dinner at Aprés Ski, then Shower

009Also part of the culture.  Skiing is an early activity.  You will be exhausted by 8 pm, so don’t make dinner reservations thinking you’ll ski, shower and then go to a fancy restaurant.  Take your hat-head to an aprés ski hot spot, enjoy the atmosphere and then stumble back to your condo ready to bathe and collapse for the night.

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