Skiing with Young Kids

Skip Ski School for Your Kids (unless you don’t know how to ski yourself)

Ski school is expensive and violates the number one reason we take family vacations:  bonding.   To bond, you need to be together.  Skiing is an excellent opportunity to laugh at yourselves, especially as beginners.

Because of class sizes during busy school breaks, ski school provides only a limited amount of time skiing, but requires a too-long, four-hour chunk on the slopes.  A kid who skis 60 continuous minutes with you may actually ski a more than a kid who is one of fifteen in a class.

Watch for Fatigue

“Love You When You Whine,” by Emily Jenkins.

Skiing is hard work in thin air.  When your child is fatigued, which will happen fast, get off the slopes.  Your child will be safer and happier if they don’t ski exhausted.  Signs of fatigue are no different than on the playground or back yard: whininess.  At the first sign of crankiness, say, “Love you when you whine!”  and head in.

Stay at the Base of the Hill

napUse the money you save on ski school to stay in a condo at the base of the hill so that it is convenient to retire with younger ones while older ones continue to ski.  Read to them or let them nap.  I know you want to ski all day, but consider yourself a designated sober-skier, who sacrifices some their own crazy pleasures for the good of all.

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