Best Spa at Whistler/Blackcomb

I would claim that Scandinave Spa is the best spa anywhere, but there are two of them:  one in Tremblant and one in Whistler.

Scandinave Spa Whistler on a beautiful winter morning. Photo Credit: Greg Eymundson /
Scandinave Spa Whistler on a beautiful winter morning.
Photo Credit: Greg Eymundson /

The stunning Scandinave Spa has a showstopper backdrop in the mountains outside Whistler.  The outdoor setting begins at the parking lot, which is remote from the spa.  A walk through the woods brings your weary muscles to a hushed check-in.  Inside the warm, indoor treatment rooms you’ll enjoy extraordinary service in a calming, zen atmosphere.  After your treatment, head back outside to the cascade of warm or cold pools, through which you are instructed to cycle.  Warm pool, cold pool, warm pool, cold, etc.  How very Scandinavian.

Brad and I ordered up a couple’s massage at Scandinave, which we choose automatically, though, technically, with your eyes closed, it hardly matters that your get a massage in the same room.  Still, it strikes us as romantic.

Three days later, we paid twice the price for a couple’s massage at the Four Seasons Hotel.  Interestingly, Brad had the same masseuse as at Scandinave.  which brings up an interesting piece of advice.  If you can, arrange for a massage at a year-round location. Seasonally-busy hotels staff spas with employees as needed and you may pay a premium for the same masseuse depending on where you go.  In fact, I’ve had truly disorganized experiences at expensive hotel spas and now wonder if I just got a temp for a massage.

Arrange massages in year-round spas to avoid temps.

Scandinave Spa in Whistler is more than a year-round spa.  With it’s unique setting, incredible service and unique pools, t’s another reason to choose Whistler.

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