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Yellowstone Under Canvas: $400 Tent Overpriced by $267.12

Would you pay $400 a night for a tent?  I did and I feel foolish.

Guess it’s not the fashion to be negative, but I feel duped by a false-positive review of Yellowstone Under Canvas.  Sometimes, it’s just not helpful to endorse whatever you review.  Plus, based on this review, I gave up a night at the fabulous Old Faithful Inn to try this place.  I reserved the Deluxe Tent with a bathroom and companion tipi (the Under Canvas term for teepee).  My only option also included breakfast, so $401.12 later, I had booked one night in a tent. Continue reading Yellowstone Under Canvas: $400 Tent Overpriced by $267.12

Who Should Read this Blog

If you are looking for a golf course or kids’ club, this blog isn’t for you.

If you are looking for a golf course or kids’ club, this blog isn’t for you.

bright angel

Family travel books cover these subjects thoroughly.  What they don’t cover is travel WITH kids.  Really with them.   This blog is for you who want to witness your kids learn to ski or hike to the source of a waterfall.  This blog is for families who laugh at themselves when fumbling around in foreign languages.   Who don’t need an itinerary as much as a chance to wander together.

Snow Guardians: A Documentary about Ski Patrolling

Enough action to compete with Stathem and Kung Fu Hustle. This documentary on Ski Patrols fascinated my teenage boys.

Kim Kircher

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a professional ski patroller? Perhaps you have wondered about the lives of avalanche forecasters, or you have considered joining a Search and Rescue group.

The film Snow Guardians documents the lives and work of patrollers and rescuers. Based in Montana and focusing on Bridger Bowl Ski Patrol, with footage from Yellowstone Club and Big Sky Resort, Snow Guardians depicts an accurate portrait of patrol life.

This is no small feat.

A documentary on ski patrolling seems like a no brainer. Of course viewers would find explosive control and snow-related emergencies interesting. Saving lives and throwing bombs? Why wouldn’t today’s viewers lap that up? Well, of course there’s more to it than that.

Camera crews often clamber for access to our lives. At Crystal a few years ago, reality television crews followed some of us around, hoping to capture the daily ups and downs…

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Five Steps to Picking a Ski Hill

1.  Get Picky about Elevation

I won’t ski in Colorado.  I live in Texas, but Colorado is out for me.  It’s not the marijuana, it’s the elevation.

For me and my husband, Brad, elevation means altitude sickness.   What is altitude sickness?


Altitude sickness is like the worst hangover you’ve ever had.

– Me

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