Uncle Tom’s Trail and Artist’s Point: Congested Beyond Hope

Yellowstone 390Sometimes, Hell truly is other people, isn’t it?   A supposed “must-see side trip” of Uncle Tom’s Trail at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River leads to a claustrophobic dead-end where you have to be aggressive if you want to take a photograph.  For some reason these 328 stairs lead people to selfishly pursue multiple family shots in front of the distant Yellowstone River on a landing platform built to hold only two such thoughtless families.

Climb out of this mob, back up 328 steps and head left on the Canyon Rim South Trail through beautiful forests and views of the canyon.

Gawker blocks view at Artist's Point
Not only was this woman blocking the view, if she fell off this retaining wall, her screams would disappear before she landed 1,000 below at the river.

Unfortunately, this leads to Artist’s Point.  Just when you relax after your Uncle Tom’s experience, the trail dumps you into a parking lot of busses unloading at Artist’s Point, where, again, the pushy have the advantage.

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