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Who Should Read this Blog

If you are looking for a golf course or kids’ club, this blog isn’t for you.

If you are looking for a golf course or kids’ club, this blog isn’t for you.

bright angel

Family travel books cover these subjects thoroughly.  What they don’t cover is travel WITH kids.  Really with them.   This blog is for you who want to witness your kids learn to ski or hike to the source of a waterfall.  This blog is for families who laugh at themselves when fumbling around in foreign languages.   Who don’t need an itinerary as much as a chance to wander together.

Five Steps to Picking a Ski Hill

1.  Get Picky about Elevation

I won’t ski in Colorado.  I live in Texas, but Colorado is out for me.  It’s not the marijuana, it’s the elevation.

For me and my husband, Brad, elevation means altitude sickness.   What is altitude sickness?


Altitude sickness is like the worst hangover you’ve ever had.

– Me

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Holy Jackson Hole!

Trash can hat, tires for buttons, this snowman has one large grin.

Jackson Hole, where both ski bums and grown ups settle, is the 48-mile long valley that includes the town of Jackson, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Teton Village, Wilson, Moran, Kelly, and a town called, simply, Moose.   I’ve never been a place more Christmas-y than the town of Jackson.  Bundled in plaid wool and shearling, and accented with antlers, the town of Jackson glows quietly from Jackson Hole’s darkened valley.  You can curl up in a log cabin at The Rustic Inn, feast in a log cabin at Café Genevieve or stir your drinks with plastic rifles at The Gun Barrel.  Best of all, if Brad and I retired in Jackson, our sons, Gage and Cole, would visit often just to go to The Mangy Moose. Continue reading Holy Jackson Hole!

Secrets to Crossing the Grand Canyon

If you are going through Hell, keep going. – Winston Churchill

grand canyon
The Grand Canyon, 24 miles across, 1 mile deep.

Why hike the Grand Canyon?  Like most large things, it is hard to fathom the size of the canyon unless you experience it with your body, all twenty-seven breathtaking, relentlessly grueling miles. Then there is Phantom Ranch, an unreal collection of cabins in the bottom of the canyon that few people will experience.

phantom ranch
Phantom Ranch, Grand Canyon.

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